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The Champagne Society Story

This movement was primarily born from a frustrated love of Champagne. Often it’s difficult to find other Champagne lovers nearby when you have a nice bottle you want to share. Maybe you’ll be reluctant to open a bottle with friends or family who’d just as happily drink ‘Mowee’ or ‘Yellow’.

So we thought an informal Champagne ‘Meet up’ would be a convenient way to explore the cities in which we live, discover new venues and meet like-minded people.

We believe when you have a great glass of Champagne that moment is etched into you memory forever. Whether you’re at the F1, the Melbourne cup, Christmas dinner, New Years, a birthday party or just at the end of a hard week of work. Champagne is always there to help celebrate, remember and reminisce.

How it works

Each month Champagne society members meet at a new venue, typically a bar or restaurant around the inner city area. We sip from approximately 6 different bottles, educate each other, share stories of success or tribulation and simply enjoy like-minded company.


If you’re interested in joining you’ll need to fill out a short application form before being accepted into the society. This is to ensure that you’ll fit in and get the most from the experience. Each month you are invited to a members only event with an option to take a partner or guest. We recommend this website if you’re looking to explore the Barossa region in Australia

Tasting evening:

1 Feb 2017

Location: Covo, 981 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103


We are testing:

  • Mystery NV 1
  • Mystery NV Blanc de Blanc
  • Mystery NV Blanc de Noirs
  • Mystery NV 2
  • Mystery NV 3
  • Mystery NV 4
  • Mystery Grand Cru Vintage
  • Mystery Cuvee Prestige Vintage
  • 3D Rendering