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The Champagne Society Story

This movement was primarily born from a frustrated love of Champagne. Often it’s difficult to find other Champagne lovers nearby when you have a nice bottle you want to share. Maybe you’ll be reluctant to open a bottle with friends or family who’d just as happily drink ‘Mowee’ or ‘Yellow’.

So we thought an informal Champagne ‘Meet up’ would be a convenient way to explore the cities in which we live, discover new venues and meet like-minded people.

We believe when you have a great glass of Champagne that moment is etched into you memory forever. Whether you’re at the F1, the Melbourne cup, Christmas dinner, New Years, a birthday party or just at the end of a hard week of work. Champagne is always there to help celebrate, remember and reminisce.

How it works

Each month Champagne society members meet at a new venue, typically a bar or restaurant around the inner city area. We sip from approximately 6 different bottles, educate each other, share stories of success or tribulation and simply enjoy like-minded company.

How much does it cost?

Membership is $95 per year to cover general admin fees. Then each event will have a specific cost to attend. This cost varies and is directly proportional to the cost of the Champagne consumed on the night as well as for any food or venue costs.  Base tickets will vary from $35-200 as a general guide. It all depends on what is consumed on the day and where.


If you’re interested in joining you’ll need to fill out a short application form before being accepted into the society. This is to ensure that you’ll fit in and get the most from the experience. Each month you are invited to a members only event with an option to take a partner or guest. We recommend this website if you’re looking to explore the Barossa region in Australia