Henriot Champagne House




Privately owned and operated by members of the Henriot family (it has been run continuously by the founding family since 1808 which is very rare).


81 Rue Coquebert 51100 Reims, France

This family-owned house has been managed by none other since its inception in 1808. You won’t find unconventional style experimentation here as tradition lies at the core of the brand. That doesn’t mean to say the winemakers do not adapt to each harvest like any other house, but they have a particular style and method which they do not deviate from.

Fruit Sourced from

33 hectares of estate-owned vineyards from Cotes des Blancs villages, Avenay-Val-d’Or, Verzy and Verzenay. A further 100 hectares of sourced grapes makes up the annual production.

Chef De Cave


Famous For

The exclusive and rare family operated and ownership of the champagne brand.

General Winemaking Process

Full malolactic fermentation, next to no pinor meunier, extensive use of reserve wines and long ageing on lees.

General Winemaking Style

Traditional, chardonnay-dominant, yet balanced, long-aged cuvees.

Production Per Year

Estimated annual production of 1.3 million bottles.

Interesting Fact

Thomas Henroit, founder of the Henroit champagne house, is quite partial to a game of croquet.